Continuing Professional Development (CPD’s) for Forensic Engineers:


Twice each year, summer and winter, NAFE presents two full days of educational seminars.   Attendees can earn up to 28 credit-hours each year.  NAFE is a recognized provider of Continuing Professional Development credits by New York, Florida and North Carolina, and provides certificates to attendees to use in audit submissions when such might be required by other states.

The “Regular” NAFE Seminar, given on a Saturday, is a full day typically with 10 technical papers on a variety of Forensic Engineering topics, related to actual cases in the courts.  Breakfast and Lunch are included with the registration, and 7 Continuing Professional Development Credits (CPD’s) are awarded. 

The “Special” NAFE Seminars follow the Regular Seminar on Sunday. They also include another full day with breakfast and lunch, cover a  range of advanced topics for Forensic Engineers, and provide  an additional 7 CPD’s. The NAFE Special Seminars also include a segment on Ethics at each January conference.

Attendees not only gain exposure to advanced topics and get their CPD’s, but also, of great importance, they get to spend “face” time with their peers.  Attendance at NAFE seminars provides  that all important opportunity for networking and technical cross-pollination that broadens the competence and capabilities of the professional practitioner.

NSPE State-by-State Summary of Continuing Education Requiremens

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Call for Papers

NAFE seeks Members and Affiliates that are interested in submitting paper abstracts for consideration as potential presenters and peer-reviewed published authors!

Topic: the application of engineering principles to legal matters

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