Please be advised that the Online NAFE Directory, which is available in the NAFE private membership area, is intended solely for dues payers' use and for official NAFE business purposes.  The Directory may not be used by NAFE dues payers or by others for commercial purposes.


The NAFE Membership Directory is a very powerful tool.  Among its many features is the ability to search for your NAFE colleagues using a variety of criteria (name, committee, disciplines, specialty subjects, city, state, zip code, company name, etc.).  You are encouraged to try this tool out by:

  • Clicking “Member Login” on this page, upper right
  • Logging in and entering your “User name” and “Password”
  • Clicking “Membership Directory”
  • Clicking “Advanced Search”
  • Selecting a “Contact Preference” and other selection from the drop down menus on the left and right

As just one simple example, if you want to find NAFE colleagues with expertise in “airports”, once you are in the Advanced Search field:

  • Select “Specialty Subjects” in the “Contract Preference” drop down menu;
  • Select “Airports” in the right drop down menu
  • Click “Search” and you will have your results instantly

It is that simple!